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Where to find the best Nordic Food In London: Ekte Nordic Kitchen

Settle in, folks, because we've got a Scandi secret to spill! Looking for the best Nordic food in London? Well, let's embark on a Nordic gastronomic adventure without you having to leave the capital! Let's talk about Ekte Nordic Kitchen, our culinary gem tucked right in the heart of London.

best Nordic Food In London

Inspired by the true flavors of the North, we're dishing up an authentic Scandinavian menu that's fresh, creative, and accessible. And it's not just about the food! We've got Akvavit aplenty, an essential Scandi sip, paired perfectly with our homemade rye bread and Smørrebrød. So, come join us at Ekte, where we celebrate the best of British produce with a dash of Nordic magic!

Nordic Pristine Flavours Meet British Fresh Produce at Ekte

At Ekte, we've got a delicious secret sauce: we're mixing Nordic culinary traditions with the bounty of British produce. Our philosophy is simple - exceptional food starts with stellar ingredients, and Britain's local farms deliver just that. We're plucking the freshest veggies, sourcing sustainable fish, and rounding up the finest meats that the British countryside has to offer.

Then, our Nordic culinary wizards step in, adding their magic touch of Scandi simplicity and robust flavors. The result? Spellbinding Nordic dishes that are bursting at the seams with fresh, local goodness. From our Smørrebrød to our Aquavit, it's a marriage made in foodie heaven. So, swing by for a taste sensation that's truly the best of both worlds - it's like a scenic fjord-side picnic meets a quaint British countryside feast, right here in London!

Aquavit 101: Pairing with The Best Nordic Food in London

Oh, the joy of Aquavit! This is no ordinary drink, my friends. Aquavit, or 'water of life', as it's called in the old Norse language, is the beating heart of our Scandinavian beverage selection at Ekte. It's traditional, it's versatile, and it's got a bit of a kick! Distilled from grain or potatoes, and infamously infused with a mix of herbs and spices - with caraway taking center stage - Aquavit is a Nordic nectar, unlike any spirit you've tasted.

At Ekte, we've curated an enviable Aquavit collection, each bottle telling its own unique story, from the ice-cold fjords of Norway to the cosmopolitan streets of Copenhagen. So whether you're sipping it straight, or savoring it in one of our cocktails, when you have a shot of Aquavit at Ekte, you're not just having a drink, you're embarking on a Nordic journey. So come, and explore the exciting world of Aquavit with us - and let's raise a toast to good food, good company, and good times! Skål!

best Nordic Food In London

Meet the Ethical Butcher: Ekte's Choice for Quality Meat

Here at Ekte, we're not just about serving up sensational Scandi dishes, we're all about doing it with a conscience. That's why we've partnered with the Ethical Butcher, our knight in shining apron, supplying us with the highest quality sustainably sourced meats. This isn't your average butcher, oh no! They're on a mission, just like us, to change the food industry for the better. From field to fork, every cut of meat is traceable, ethical, and downright delicious.

The Ethical Butcher specializes in grass-fed, regeneratively-farmed meat, ensuring animals live out their lives in natural habitats and helping rejuvenate the soil in the process. That's right, we're talking meat that's kinder to the animals, the planet, and also your taste buds! So next time you're tucking into our Danish Smørrebrød stacked with roast beef, or our Swedish meatballs laden with gravy, know that you're not only experiencing authentic Nordic cuisine, but you're also playing a part in a more sustainable food future. Now, doesn't that taste delicious?

Seasonal Delights: The Changing Menu of Ekte Nordic Kitchen

At Ekte Nordic Kitchen, we believe there's a certain charm in embracing the seasons. Our menu is a lively dance with the changing climate, each season bringing forth new flavors, ingredients, and culinary masterpieces to our tables. We bid goodbye to the summer with a bountiful harvest of British root vegetables, ready to be transformed into hearty stews and comforting roasts. Autumn is the time for wild mushrooms, game, and earthy flavors that perfectly complement our selection of warming Aquavits.

As winter rolls in, we delve deeper into traditional Nordic comfort foods, like Swedish Meatballs and Danish Frikadeller. With the arrival of spring, our menu blossoms with a fresh palate of vibrant salads, delicate fish dishes, and an influx of zesty Aquavits. Like a Nordic fairytale that unravels over the months, our menu keeps pace with the rhythm of nature. So, pop in any time of the year, and you'll always find something fresh, exciting, and quintessentially Nordic awaiting you at Ekte. The changing seasons never tasted so good!

Best Nordic Food in London Meets World-Class Wines

Unwinding with a glass of fine wine at Ekte is like taking a stroll through some of the world's most renowned vineyards. We believe a great meal isn't just about the food, but the whole experience, and a big part of that is our lovingly curated wine list. When it comes to wine, we're not just picking any old plonk! We've got a nose for quality, and our list features a stunning array of globally sourced, award-winning wines, each with its unique character, ready to complement our Nordic dishes.

best Nordic Food In London

From the crisp whites of New Zealand that pair beautifully with our fish dishes, to the robust Italian reds that are a match made in heaven with our hearty meatballs, we've got a tipple to tantalize every palette. And let's not forget our collection of English wines! Just like our produce, we believe in the charm of the locality, and we're proud to showcase the best that Britain's vineyards have to offer. So whether you're a wine novice or a seasoned connoisseur, our knowledgeable staff are on hand to guide you towards a pairing that will not just complement your meal, but elevate it. So sit back, sip up, and let the good times roll. Cheers to that!

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