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A Guide To Your Perfect Weekend Brunch Experience in Clerkenwell At Ekte

Join us at Ekte Nordic Kitchen in Clerkenwell for the ideal weekend brunch experience. Drink Nordic-inspired cocktails, sip on unlimited prosecco, and feast on delicious Nordic food at our Bottomless Brunch.

Weekend Brunch Clerkenwell

Every Saturday, indulge in a Scandi Bottomless Brunch with Nordic cocktails, prosecco, and a delectable Nordic feast. Priced at £40 per person for food or £55 with unlimited prosecco or Scandi cocktails. Enjoy the best of Weekend Brunch Clerkenwell with us for a memorable Saturday treat.

Why Choose Weekend Brunch Clerkenwell at Ekte?

Our Weekend Brunch at Ekte Nordic Kitchen in Clerkenwell is a must-try for several reasons. We offer a variety of Nordic-inspired cocktails and unlimited prosecco, ensuring a delightful experience.

Our dishes, based on traditional Nordic recipes, provide a unique culinary adventure. The £55 package for unlimited drinks and food ensures value for money. Unlike other brunch spots, our focus is on high-quality, authentic Nordic flavors. Join us for a memorable brunch that combines great taste and excellent service.

Menu Highlights: Starters

At Weekend Brunch Clerkenwell, our starters offer a delightful beginning to your meal. The Swedish pancakes come with your choice of toppings, including fried free-range egg, sweet cured bacon, raw kale, summer berry compote, whipped vanilla cream, and caramelized banana.

For a lighter option, enjoy our seasonal fruit paired with toasted nuts and oats, skyr, and honey. The Ethical Butcher Koldtbord showcases a selection of sustainable meats. Each dish is thoughtfully prepared to enhance your brunch experience.

Menu Highlights: Mains

Our mains selection will satisfy all preferences. Choose the flavorful rump steak with hay-smoked beetroot, fried egg, and dill (£5 supp). For a vegetarian option, the wild mushroom on sourdough toast with foraged herbs is perfect.

Weekend Brunch Clerkenwell

Finally, the Devonshire red chicken schnitzel, paired with Swedish anchovies and a fried duck egg, offers a unique taste experience. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices ensure that everyone finds something to enjoy.

Menu Highlights: Sides

Our sides selection offers a range of delightful accompaniments. Enjoy crisp skin-on fries or aromatic rosemary fries. Complement your meal with roasted beetroot, enhanced with honey, horseradish, and dill. For a fresher option, try our seasonal salad featuring baby potatoes, fennel, and foraged herbs.

Pair skin-on fries with rump steak for a classic combination. Alternatively, match the roasted beetroot with the Devonshire red chicken schnitzel. The seasonal salad works well with wild mushrooms on sourdough toast. These pairing suggestions ensure a balanced and satisfying brunch experience.

Weekend Brunch Clerkenwell: Cocktails and Prosecco

Enjoy our Nordic-inspired cocktails and unlimited prosecco offerings during Weekend Brunch at Ekte. Each cocktail features unique Nordic ingredients and authentic recipes.

Our bottomless drink package ensures a memorable brunch experience. To enjoy responsibly, pace your drinks and savor the flavors. Take breaks between servings and stay hydrated with water. Join us for a brunch that balances indulgence with mindfulness.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Our guests frequently praise our weekend brunch in Clerkenwell for its authentic Nordic cuisine and exceptional service. Many appreciate the variety of cocktails and unlimited prosecco that elevate their brunch experience.

Weekend Brunch Clerkenwell

Customers often highlight the thoughtfully prepared dishes and the welcoming atmosphere at Ekte Nordic Kitchen in Clerkenwell. They commend our attentive staff and the value for money provided by our packages. Testimonials reflect high satisfaction and many patrons express their intent to return. Join us for a memorable weekend brunch that consistently delights our guests.

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