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Viking Food Experience in London at Ekte

Our Viking Food Experience at Ekte in London is a culinary raid you won't want to miss. Nestled in the sleek Bloomberg Arcade, our Nordic Kitchen is your gateway to the flavors of Norway. Inside, you'll find a chic, minimalist setting where you can watch our chefs work their magic. Don't worry, we've got you covered when the British weather does its thing, with a cozy outdoor terrace equipped with heaters and blankets.

Viking Food Experience London at Ekte

Whether you're snagging a pastry on the go, or settling into a dish of our signature Swedish potato dumplings, we're serving up a hearty slice of Nordic delight right here in the City of London. And for the grand finale? Why not wash down a generous scoop of cinnamon bun ice cream with a specialty G&T. So dust off your longboat and join us at Ekte for a truly epic Viking Food Experience!

Setting Sail for the Viking Food Experience London at Ekte

Ready to embark on a gastronomic voyage like no other? We're setting sail for the Viking Food Experience at Ekte in London, and you're invited! Forget about packing your camping gear, this isn't a rugged expedition. We're talking mouth-watering Nordic cuisine in the heart of the city. So swap your hiking boots for dining shoes, and prepare to be lavished with the savory delights of the North. Buckle up, it's going to be one hell of a delicious ride!

Stepping Ashore at Ekte: A First Look Inside

As soon as you set foot in Ekte, you're stepping into a slice of Norway, right in the heart of London. The minimalist ambiance hits you first - it's like a banquet hall for the modern Viking. With all sleek lines and crisp, clean textures, it's clear that Ekte has mastered the art of Nordic chic. But don't let the minimalist vibe fool you - there's nothing bare bones about this place.

From the open kitchen to the cozy outdoor terrace that's ready to embrace you when the British 'summer' decides to throw a tantrum - Ekte has got it all. The terrace is kitted out with blankets and heaters ready to keep you toasty. So pull up a chair, wrap up warm, and get ready to savor that sweet taste of Nordic hospitality. It's not just a restaurant; it's a Viking Food Experience. Skål!

The Daytime Deli at Ekte's Viking Food Experience in London

Our daytime deli at Ekte is the perfect pit stop for a quick refuel. Who needs a packed lunch when you can get your paws on our scrumptious selection of homemade pastries? Freshly baked and piping hot, they're like a Viking hug for your taste buds. From the classic cinnamon bun to the delectable cardamom twist, we've got the goods to satisfy any pastry pirate.

Viking Food Experience London at Ekte

And for the cherry on top? A steaming cup of joe, of course! We're talking seriously good coffee here, folks. Whether you're a latte lover or an espresso enthusiast, we've got the brew to perk up your day. So next time you're dashing through the Bloomberg Arcade, swing by Ekte, grab a pastry and a hot drink to go, and conquer the day like a true Viking. Skål!

Highlighting Standout Dishes at Ekte's Viking Food Experience in

Now, let's cut to the chase, or should I say…the feast! At Ekte, we're all about the food. We've got a menu that's chocker with Nordic nosh that's sure to tickle your taste buds. Our starters? They're not just an appetizer, they're a fanfare! You'll be salivating over our pickled herring and cured salmon. But it's the Swedish potato dumplings that steal the show. They're a delicious little detour on your culinary voyage, with every bite packed full of Norse goodness.

As for the main event, we've got everything from hearty stews to creamy fish dishes. But trust us, you won't want to miss the roasted venison - it's a true testament to our commitment to authentic Nordic cuisine. And to wash it all down? We're serving up craft beers, fine wines, and specialty G&Ts to keep the Viking merriment flowing.

But let's not forget the sweetest part of the journey - the desserts. Our crowning glory has to be the cinnamon bun ice cream. It's like a childhood dream come true, only better. It's a heaping scoop of creamy, dreamy ice cream laced with that comforting, familiar taste of cinnamon. It's happiness in a bowl and the perfect way to round off your Viking feast. So, loosen your belt, lean back, and let the Nordic indulgence wash over you. Skål!

The Nordic Feast Continues: Discovering Ekte's Bottomless Brunch

The final stop on our delicious voyage is Ekte's bottomless brunch. And when we say bottomless, we're not just talking about the Prosecco or Champagne, although there's plenty of that to go around! We're talking about a three-course, Nordic-style feast that'll have you questioning why you ever bothered with plain old eggs and bacon.

Viking Food Experience London at Ekte

Picture this: starting with a smorgasbord of homemade bread and Nordic cheeses, topped off with a dollop of sweet berry jam. Next, a main course of your choice, perhaps the pan-fried cod or the flavorful pork belly. Finally, round it all off with a decadent slice of kladdkaka (that’s a rich Swedish chocolate cake for the uninitiated). And all the while, your glass is never empty, with free-flowing Prosecco or Champagne keeping the brunch vibes buzzy. So, grab your mates and make a beeline for Ekte – it’s the brunch of Viking champions. Skål!

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