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Nordic Lunch in Bank London

Welcome to Ekte, your oasis for a delightful Nordic lunch in Bank, London, nestled amidst the sparkling Bloomberg Arcade. Our kitchen is a hub of Nordic flavors, featuring a diversity of dishes inspired by the culinary wonders of Norway.

Nordic Lunch in Bank London

As you step into our chic, industrial-minimalist dining room, the allure of our open kitchen and vibrant Smørrebrød - classic Danish open sandwiches, will lure you in. We promise a unique al fresco dining experience on our terrace, where heaters and blankets keep the chill at bay. So, join us for a lunch experience that's truly Ekte— truly Nordic!

Nordic Cuisine at its Best

Let's talk food, folks! Ekte's menu is a cornucopia of Norwegian culinary delights that'll have your taste buds doing the tango. Our star attraction? The Smørrebrød- a Danish classic that we've lovingly adopted and given a good old twist. Picture this: house-baked, slightly sour, rye bread, softer than a baby's bottom, topped with a rainbow of fresh ingredients.

From pickled herring to roast beef, from egg and prawns to matured cheese, there's a Smørrebrød for every palate. Come and experience the true essence of Nordic cuisine, one bite at a time. We're not just making sandwiches here, folks, we're creating edible art!

Outdoor Dining, Nordic Style

Ready to dine under the sky, the Scandinavian way? At Ekte, we've mastered the art of al fresco dining, Nordic-style. Our outdoor terrace is a symphony of cozy and chic, inviting you to indulge in the finest Nordic treats while basking in the beauty of the Bloomberg Arcade.

But what about the weather, you ask? We have a squadron of heaters humming away to keep you toasty on the tiniest bit of nippy days. We've also got blankets aplenty, softer than a reindeer's coat and warm as a Nordic bear hug for the chilliest days. So, your delightful Nordic lunch experience is served with a side of cozy comfort.

Nordic Lunch in Bank London

The Delectable Lunch Menu- Nordic Lunch in Bank London

No lunch is complete without a bit of a gastronomic journey, is it now? So, we've crafted our lunch menu to take you through the glorious landscape of Nordic cuisine.

Small Bites for Starters

Begin your culinary adventure with our selection of small bites. We're talking about Gravlax (cured salmon) served on crispy flatbread, and mouth-watering Swedish meatballs that are a perfect blend of tender and juicy. And for our vegetarian friends, we've got the delicious Mushroom Toast, topped with a creamy sauce that'll have you coming back for more!

Large Bites for the Main Course

Once you're all warmed up, it's time to dive into our large bites. How about some Pan-fried Cod served with crushed potatoes and dill sauce? Or maybe you're more of a 'Roasted Venison with lingonberry sauce' kind of person? Don't worry, we've got our vegetarians covered with our hearty Roots and Mash, a delightful medley of root vegetables served with a dollop of mashed potatoes.

Something Sweet for Dessert

And for the grand finale, we've got our dessert selection. How about a slice of Cream Cake also known as the "World's Best Cake" (we're not exaggerating, that's its actual name in Norway)? Or maybe a helping of Swedish Semla, a delightful cardamom bun filled with almond paste and whipped cream?

Nordic Lunch in Bank London

Nordic Drinks to Join the Feast- Nordic Lunch in Bank London

What's a Nordic culinary journey without some authentic Nordic beverages to wash it down, right? Here at Ekte, we've got a range of drinks that will tickle your fancy and complement your meal.

Aquavits & Schnapps - The Nordic Staples

First on the list, we bring you Aquavits & Schnapps - the life of every Nordic gathering. Distilled from grain or potato, and typically flavored with caraway or dill, these spirits are a Nordic tradition we hold dear. Pair your Smørrebrød with a shot of our chilled Aquavit, or a sip of Schnapps with your Gravlax, and you'll know why it's a match made in Nordic heaven.

Nordic Cocktails - A Twist of Creativity

If you're up for some cocktail magic, our bartenders are ready to surprise you with some Nordic-inspired concoctions. Try our "Arctic Bramble," a perfect blend of gin, lemon, sugar, and cloudberry liquor, which pairs wonderfully with our Pan-fried Cod. Or how about the "Björk Martini," a mix of vodka, vermouth, and birch sap cordial that's an excellent companion to our Swedish meatballs?

Perfect Serves - Crafted for Your Meal

Ultimately, our drink list is designed to enhance your meal. So, we've thoughtfully paired each dish with a corresponding beverage. Whether you're opting for small bites, large bites, or indulging in our sweet treats, our staff will gladly recommend the perfect serve to elevate your Ekte experience.

So, folks, raise a glass, make a toast, and enjoy the true Nordic dining experience at Ekte!

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