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Exploring Food and Drinks Parings At Ekte in Clerkenwell

At Ekte Nordic Kitchen in Clerkenwell, London, we offer a thoughtfully curated menu that celebrates Nordic cuisine. Early risers can enjoy Danish pastries or eggs in any style, while evening diners can indulge in more substantial dishes.

Drinks in Clerkenwell

Our menu features expertly crafted Nordic dishes, from smørrebrød with fresh prawns to flaky roasted cod with dill-pickled cucumber. Our team is committed to providing a warm atmosphere complemented by a large selection of European wines and traditional aquavits. With options for all-day dining, breakfast, and late-night bites, we aim to deliver a vibrant and authentic experience for every guest.

Signature Nordic Dishes

At Ekte, the menu highlights the essence of Nordic cuisine with meticulously prepared dishes. Smørrebrød, an open-faced sandwich, features fresh prawns which impart a true taste of the sea. Another standout dish is our flaky roasted cod, accompanied by dill-pickled cucumber, which balances rich and tangy flavors.

Each item is created to reflect traditional techniques and ingredients, offering a genuine Nordic dining experience. The dishes are thoughtfully paired with classic European wines and traditional aquavits, enhancing each bite. We strive to present authentic culinary art that makes every meal memorable and harmonious.

Meat Dishes and Drink Pairings

At Ekte Nordic Kitchen in Clerkenwell, London, our meat dishes are meticulously prepared to offer an authentic Nordic experience. Our rare roasted, aged beef with celeriac remoulade and crisp shallots pairs perfectly with a robust red wine. For poultry lovers, the roasted chicken with tarragon mayonnaise, crispy chicken skin, and spring onion is a must-try, complemented by a light white wine or a refreshing aquavit.

Our frikadeller, served with lingonberries and pickled cucumber, offers a rich taste balanced by the tangy berries, pairing best with crisp, clear aquavit. We aim to create perfect pairings that enhance each dish's flavors and textures.

Traditional Nordic Drinks in Clerkenwell: Aquavits & Schnapps

At Ekte Nordic Kitchen in Clerkenwell, London, we pride ourselves on offering a selection of traditional Nordic beverages. Aquavits and schnapps are integral to our drinks menu. Aalborg Jubilaeums is clean and fruity, with coriander, star anise, and citrus notes. Aalborg Taffel, released in 1846, features prominent caraway and citrus flavors.

Aalborg Dild Akvavit is a modern choice made with green dill and lemon zest. O.P. Anderson, the oldest, most sold Swedish aquavit, is aged in oak barrels for eight months. Linie, the original Norwegian aquavit, is extra matured in Port casks. For a classic experience, Skåne offers Swedish aquavit with notes of star anise.

Drinks in Clerkenwell

Craft Cocktails: Ekte's Signature Nordic Cocktails

At Ekte Nordic Kitchen in Clerkenwell, London, we take pride in our unique selection of signature craft cocktails. Our Freya Birch Gin & Tonic, with fresh chives, combines birch spirit gin with Scandinavian juniper, Seville orange, and roasted coriander seeds. For a crisp taste, try the Kongsgaard Raw Gin & Tonic with delicious red apple, and a Danish small-batch gin.

Our Koskue Gin & Tonic with navel orange zest features Finnish rye gin aged in white oak casks, enhanced by orange zest. The Kreator Jin & Tonic with fresh lemon and raspberries marries juniper, raspberry, and coriander notes. Our Lab-Organic Gin & Tonic pairs Swedish gin with green apple and rosemary. Finally, the Napue & Tonic with rosemary offers a Finnish rye gin with bold juniper and coriander seeds. Enjoy these drinks in Clerkenwell for an authentic experience.

European Wines: Perfect Pairings for Your Meal

At Ekte Nordic Kitchen in Clerkenwell, London, we pride ourselves on our thoughtfully curated wine selection, perfect for drinks in Clerkenwell. Our sparkling options include Via Vai Prosecco from Italy and Lyme Bay Brut Sparkling Wine from Devon, England. For white wines, we offer choices such as Les Petits Clement Sauvignon from France and Grillo Grillo from Sicily.

Our rosé wines feature Domaine La Navicelle from Provence and Bandol Rose from Domaine La Suffrene. For red wine enthusiasts, we recommend Merlot Henri Nordoc from Languedoc, Moulin de Gasac Pinot Noir from France, and Urbina Rioja Crianza from Spain. Each wine has been selected to enhance your dining experience.

A Vibrant Atmosphere: The Ekte Experience

At Ekte Nordic Kitchen in Clerkenwell, London, our atmosphere may initially seem subdued, with soft music and a minimalist interior design. However, the vibrancy shines through in our young, charming staff and the expertly prepared Nordic menu.

Drinks in Clerkenwell

Each visit offers an authentic, engaging dining experience that highlights our commitment to quality and tradition. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where every guest feels welcomed and appreciated. Whether you are here for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, the atmosphere is designed to complement the exceptional culinary offerings.

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