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Discover the Culinary Magic of Etke Nordic Kitchen: A City Restaurant in London

Welcome, mate, to Ekte Nordic Kitchen! A city Restaurant tucked away in the heart of our bustling city here in London, we're a little slice of the North with a big culinary heart. Ekte, which means 'genuine' or 'real' in Norwegian, is not just our name, it's our promise.

Discover the Culinary Magic of Etke Nordic Kitchen: A City Restaurant in London

Our menu is a tantalizing journey through Nordic cuisine, a gastronomic escapade inspired by the northern hemisphere. And the secret to our vibrant flavors? Well, we use carefully sourced, sustainable ingredients, making the most of each season's bounty from the best of British produce. So, forget about that beans on toast and join us for a true Nordic feast!

Ekte's Expansive Menu: A Deep Dive into Nordic Cuisine

At Ekte, we take pride in offering an expansive menu that embodies the heart and soul of Nordic cuisine. An iconic staple of our menu is Smørrebrød. Ubiquitous in Denmark, Smørrebrød is much more than just open sandwiches. Each portion is a slice of buttered homemade rye bread topped with a variety of luscious toppings. From Clarence Court egg with Swedish mustard and crispy onions to pickled Cornish bream with smoked crème fraiche, each Smørrebrød is a symphony of flavors waiting to be explored. And for the perfect Scandi combination, pair it with an Akvavit.

Our fish offerings, such as Newlyn mackerel with buttermilk, dill, and fermented radish, and Loch Duart salmon gravadlax with mustard and dill sauce, showcase the finest seafood sourced from across the British Isles. Our meat options range from traditional dishes like Frikadeller (Danish meatballs) with buttery mash, pickled cucumber, and lingonberries, to a sumptuously rare roasted Dexter Black sirloin of beef.

Vegetarians are catered for with options like Torched broccoli with cashew, skyr, and dill, while our extensive drinks menu, featuring a selection of fine Aquavits, Champagne, and an array of white, red, and rosé wines, ensures there's something to quench everyone’s thirst. And of course, no Scandinavian feast would be complete without a sweet finish. Our homemade cinnamon bun or gooey chocolate cake, both served with a generous scoop of ice cream, are guaranteed to send you off on a delightful sweet note. So come on over and explore our extensive menu- we promise it won't disappoint!

Sustainable Sourcing at Ekte: How We Choose Our Ingredients

At Ekte, we believe that sourcing sustainably not only benefits our environment but also the flavor of our food. That's why we've made sustainability a key pillar of how we choose and prepare our ingredients. We regularly visit producers and farmers across Britain to ensure that we use only the freshest and most sustainable produce in all our dishes.

We work closely with small-scale farmers and producers to ensure that our ingredients are of the highest quality. We believe in using seasonal produce whenever possible and strive to make the most of each season's bounty. Our menu regularly changes to reflect the availability of seasonal produce, and we are always looking for new ingredients that will add flavor and texture to our dishes. Our commitment to sustainability extends even further- all our packaging is recyclable or compostable, including our takeaway boxes.

Discover the Culinary Magic of Etke Nordic Kitchen: A City Restaurant in London

So, next time you visit Ekte Nordic Kitchen, rest assured that not only will your meal be delicious but also that

The Nordic Influence: How Ekte is Revolutionising London's City Restaurant Food Scene

Ekte Nordic Kitchen is more than just a restaurant. We're revolutionizing the way Londoners think about and experience Nordic cuisine! By introducing diners to authentic flavors from the North, we aim to bridge cultures and bring a little bit of Scandinavian joy into our city.

Our fresh take on traditional dishes has been lauded by critics and foodies alike. From our light yet delectable Smørrebrød to our robust meat dishes, each bite is an adventure of flavors guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds and transport you to the North. Our team has worked hard to bring a unique experience to London- whether it's through our menu or service with a smile, we strive for excellence in everything that we do.

So come on over to Ekte Nordic Kitchen and discover the true flavors of Scandinavia- you won't be disappointed! We promise a culinary journey unlike any other. Bon Appetit!

Understanding Ekte: The Story Behind Our Authentic Norwegian Name

Ekte is more than just a restaurant- it's a philosophy. Our name is taken from the Norwegian word for 'real, genuine or true', and this captures perfectly our approach to cooking Nordic cuisine. We want to make sure that every meal served at Ekte is as close to the original as possible - like taking a bite out of Scandinavia itself.

Our vision is to bring the essence of Nordic cuisine to London, and we believe that this starts with understanding our ingredients. We source only the freshest and most sustainable ingredients from across Britain, ensuring that each dish reflects the true flavors of Scandinavia.

We also strive for excellence in our service- from a warm welcome at the door to a smiling waitstaff ready to answer any questions you may have. We want to ensure that every guest has an enjoyable and immersive experience as they've stepped into a Scandinavian fairy-tale. So come on over and discover the spirit of Ekte- we can't wait to welcome you!

Ekte is more than just a meal, it's an experience. Come join us for some genuine Norwegian

Farm to Fork: The Journey of Our Produce at Ekte

At Ekte, we take pride in delivering a truly unique experience by bringing the best of Scandinavian cuisine to London. However, this all starts with the ingredients that we use- and that's why we source only the highest quality produce from across Britain.

From our suppliers at Newlyn Harbour, who provide us with fresh mackerel and bream, to producers like Clarence Court, who provide us with the finest eggs- each ingredient is sourced with sustainability and quality in mind.

Discover the Culinary Magic of Etke Nordic Kitchen: A City Restaurant in London

We want to ensure that our food is as fresh and flavorful as possible, so we regularly visit producers and farmers ourselves to see how they work and to check on any new ingredients that could enhance our menu. We believe this direct connection between supplier and consumer is what truly sets us apart and helps us deliver a meal that you won't forget.

So next time you visit Ekte, rest assured knowing that we've gone the extra mile to bring you only the best of Britain- directly from farm to fork!

The Ekte City Restaurant Experience in London: What to Expect on Your First Visit

At Ekte, we are passionate about giving our guests the best possible experience. From the moment you step into our restaurant, you'll be greeted by a friendly member of staff and transported to a world of Nordic flavors. As you explore our menu, expect to find traditional dishes from Scandinavia as well as some modern twists- perfect if you want to try something new!

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