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City of London Restaurant - Welcome To Ekte

Welcome to Ekte, your cozy corner in the City of London! We're a restaurant that's about as authentically Nordic as a Viking longship - without the oar-induced blisters. Ekte, meaning ‘genuine’ in Norwegian, is our little Scandi sanctuary in the heart of London. We're all about creating a menu that's as fresh and exciting as a Nordic fjord swim, powered by the finest in British seasonal produce from our award-winning suppliers.

City of London Restaurant - Welcome To Ekte

City of London Restaurant Secrets: Discovering Nordic Delights at Ekte

Here at Ekte, we're doing more than just serving up dishes; we're serving up an experience. From the moment you step foot in our Nordic-style haven, you'll feel like you've been whisked away to a fjord-side cabin in Norway - minus the frostbite. We pride ourselves on crafting a unique dining experience that's steeped in authenticity, right down to the smallest details.

Expect a menu that's brimming with flavors so fresh, they'll make you think you've just plucked a salmon straight from the North Sea. So, come along and unravel the secrets of our City of London restaurant. Discover a world where the spirit of the North meets culinary innovation, and join us on a gastronomic journey through the land of the midnight sun at Ekte.

The Genuine Taste of Nordic Cuisine in the City of London

Introducing Ekte, the go-to destination in the City of London for an authentic taste of Nordic cuisine. Nestled amidst the hustle and bustle, Ekte serves up an array of culinary delights that transport you straight to the heart of Scandinavia. We've got everything from traditional smørrebrød (Danish open sandwiches) to beautifully crafted seasonal dishes that celebrate the unique flavors of the North.

Our food is about more than just satisfying your hunger - it's about sharing a part of our Nordic culture with you. When you dine at Ekte, you're not just a customer - you're part of our Viking tribe. So dust off that horned helmet and pop in for a bite, and remember - calories don't count when you're feasting like a Norse god!

Ekte's Terrace Tales: Enjoying Scandi-Inspired Cocktails and Snacks in the Heart of London

Just when you thought we couldn't get any more Nordic, we're spicing things up - or should we say 'icing' things up - with Scandi-inspired cocktails on our terrace. And trust us, these aren't just any cocktails, they're inspired by the Nordic landscape itself. Imagine sipping on a 'Fjord Fizz', a tantalizing concoction that captures the freshness of the North Sea breeze, or a 'Bergen Berry Blast', as fruity and vibrant as a Norwegian summer.

City of London Restaurant - Welcome To Ekte

And let's not forget our snacks; they're like Thor's hammer on your taste buds. From our 'Viking Bites', a smorgasbord of Nordic cheeses and cured meats, to our 'Midnight Sun Nachos', topped with pickled herring and dill sour cream - it's a Scandinavian feast that's sure to impress. So, next time you're in the City of London, why not drop anchor at Ekte's terrace?

Catch of the Day: Sustainable Seafood at Ekte, City of London Restaurant

Here at Ekte, we're not just about creating a taste sensation - we're also about doing it sustainably. As a City of London restaurant with Nordic roots, we respect Mother Nature as much as an ancient Viking valued a sturdy shield. Our 'Catch of the Day' isn't just a tantalizing opportunity for you to savor the freshest seafood, but also a reflection of our commitment to sustainable fishing.

We source our seafood from suppliers who respect and adhere to ethical fishing practices, ensuring that every bite you take contributes to a healthier ocean. So, whether you're sinking your teeth into our sumptuous seared cod or savoring our subtly smoked herring, you're not just tasting the Nordic seas, you're also helping preserve them. Because here at Ekte, we believe in feasting responsibly. And remember, nothing tastes as good as sustainability feels!

Season's Best from Ekte: British Produce Meets Nordic Flavours in the City of London

Here at Ekte, we play matchmaker quite wonderfully – we unite the finest of British produce with the delectable delights of Nordic flavors, right here in the City of London. Imagine biting into a pan-seared duck breast, the succulent meat sourced from our trusted British suppliers, perfectly complemented with lingonberry compote - just the kind of sweet-tart balance you'd find in a traditional Norwegian kitchen.

City of London Restaurant - Welcome To Ekte

Or how about our root vegetable gratin, where the earthy British roots meet the creaminess of a Scandinavian dish that tastes like a hug from your favorite Danish grandmother? Every season, we draw inspiration from the bounty that Britain offers and give it a Nordic twist. After all, isn't love all about celebrating the best of both worlds? So, brace yourself for a culinary journey to the North, without ever leaving the City - with Ekte's Season's Best. And remember, like a Viking's love for adventure, our menu keeps changing, so there's always a fresh Nordic surprise waiting for you!

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