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An Authentic Nordic Culinary Experience at Ekte

Welcome to Ekte, your portal to an authentic Nordic culinary experience, tucked away in the vibrant Bloomberg Arcade. Enveloped in a cozy, minimalist decor, our dining area exudes an industrial-chic appeal, while our open-kitchen dining counter beckons food lovers to witness their feast taking shape.

Nordic Culinary Experience at Ekte

The Nordic charm extends outside to our picturesque terrace, perfect for alfresco dining on balmy days or cozy evenings wrapped in warm blankets. Our menu? A smorgasbord of Nordic delights, inspired by Norway's rich culinary heritage.

So, come join us at Ekte for an immersive Nordic culinary adventure. We promise it's much more than just a meal. It's a journey to the heart of Nordic tradition, right here in the heart of London!

Embracing the Nordic Culinary Experience at Ekte

At Ekte, we embrace the heart and soul of Nordic cuisine, bringing the unique flavors and textures of Norway to London. Our menu sings with wild seasonal produce, locally sourced seafood, and a delightful array of traditional baked goods. Whether you fancy a taste of our house-cured salmon or a nibble of our hearty meatballs, each dish is a love letter to our Nordic roots.

And let's not forget about our drinks! From craft beers to Scandi cocktails, we've got something to wash everything down. As the old Norwegian saying goes, "Maten smaker best når du spiser den med venner" - Food tastes best when you eat it with friends. So, gather your friends and come on down to Ekte. We can't wait to share these culinary delights with you!

Ekte's Industrial-Chic Ambiance: A Photographic Tour

Ready your senses for an exquisite visual treat as we take you on a photographic journey through Ekte's industrial-chic dining space. Adorned with glossy black walls, our dining area radiates a chic, minimalist appeal that artfully combines style with simplicity. The sleek lines, dark tones, and exposed ceiling pipes add to the industrial charm, evoking an ambiance of modern loft living.

But the pièce de résistance? Our open-kitchen dining counter! Here, gastronomy meets craftsmanship as our skilled chefs whip up your Nordic feast right before your eyes. So sit back, take a virtual stroll through our photo gallery, and soak in the unique vibes of Ekte's dining space. Just one warning - these images may cause severe cravings for a Nordic culinary adventure in our tastefully styled haven!

Alfresco Dining at Ekte: A Nordic Feast Under the Sky

Nothing quite matches the joy of dining under the open sky, especially when you're tucking into a feast of Nordic delights at Ekte. Our charming outdoor terrace, a hidden gem in the bustling Bloomberg Arcade, is the perfect spot to enjoy our mouthwatering Nordic Prawn Cocktail or a selection of organic sourdough bread.

Nordic Culinary Experience at Ekte

Picture this, you and your friends, basking in the soft glow of the setting sun, sipping on some of our artisanal craft beers, and savoring the delicate, briny sweetness of prawns dressed in dill mayo- it's alfresco dining at its finest! And let's not forget the bread - freshly baked, crusty organic sourdough, just waiting to be slathered with generous dollops of our homemade butter. Talk about a taste of Nordic heaven, right here in London!

The Ekte Bar Experience: A Journey into Nordic Spirits

At Ekte, the magic isn't confined just to your plate. We've brought a bit of the Nordic chill to our drinks menu too! Make way for our Aquavits and Schnapps - the jewels of Nordic distilleries. Whether you're clinking glasses to celebrate or raising a toast to good times, you'll find a spirit here that fits the occasion. Our Aquavits - the 'water of life' - run the gamut from dill or caraway flavored to those aged in oak barrels.

Each sip is a dance of unique flavors, leaving a warming sensation that perfectly complements the Nordic chill. And then, there’s the Schnapps. Ah, the good old Schnapps! Traditionally downed in one go during celebratory toasts, our selection of Schnapps introduces you to an array of flavors from sweet and fruity to spicy and dry.

So, come on over, pull up a seat at our bar, and let's warm up the Nordic way. You'll find these distinctly Nordic spirits are more than just drinks - they're a saga of our rich cultural heritage, served in a glass. Cheers to that!

Ekte's Vegetarian Delights: Savor Nordic Cuisine sans Meat

Who said Nordic cuisine can't be a vegetarian's delight? At Ekte, we beg to differ. Our menu boasts an array of veggie-friendly dishes that pack a flavorful punch, providing a delicious alternative to traditional meat-based Nordic cuisine.

Take our Roasted, Curry-Spiced Cauliflower Steak, for instance. A favorite among our veggie-loving diners, this hearty dish offers a unique spin on the humble cauliflower. Roasted to perfection and spiced with a tantalizing curry blend, it's a heady mix of texture, taste, and comfort in every bite.

Or how about the Beetroot, Whipped Goat' Cheese & Hazelnut Salad? This vibrant dish is a celebration of earthy beetroot, creamy goats' cheese, and crunchy hazelnuts. It's a medley of flavors and textures bound to tantalize the taste buds, making it a must-try for any vegetarian food lover.

Highlighting Our Hand-Curated Wine Selection

At Ekte, the journey doesn't stop at the food. No Nordic dining experience would be complete without a glass of superb wine, and at Ekte, our curated wine selection is no afterthought. We've handpicked a diverse range of bottles from established vineyards and innovative producers around the world, each chosen to complement the unique flavors and textures of our Nordic dishes.

Nordic Culinary Experience at Ekte

Whether you're tucking into our hearty meatballs or savoring our delicate house-cured salmon, we have a wine that pairs perfectly. From the citrusy and floral notes of our white wines, perfect for light seafood dishes, to the bold and full-bodied reds, which stand up to our heartier meat dishes, our wine list is as much a journey through the vineyards as our menu is a tour of Nordic cuisine. So pull up a chair, raise a glass, and join us for a culinary adventure that's a feast for all the senses.

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