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A Casual Guide To Enjoying Nordic Brunch in London at Ekte Nordic Kitchen

Ready your taste buds for an irresistible Nordic twist on the classic London brunch experience at the Ekte Nordic Kitchen. Imagine devouring delectable Swedish pancakes with a topping of your choice (we're talking sweet-cured bacon, summer berry compote, and even caramelized banana) while sipping on unlimited Prosecco or exotic Nordic cocktails.

Nordic Brunch in London

And if you're a fan of savory, we've got an Ethical Butcher Koldtbord to satisfy your cravings. All this and much more, without having to book a flight to Stockholm. So, put your Viking helmet on and join us every Saturday for a bottomless brunch worth your while. Toss in a friendly atmosphere and a wine menu that would make even Thor himself a little tipsy, and you've got yourself a casual, fun-filled, Nordic brunch extravaganza like no other. Skål!

How Ekte Nordic Kitchen is Redefining the Brunch Scene in London

Ekte Nordic Kitchen is bringing the cool, crisp taste of the North to London's brunch scene, creating a wave of excitement among the city's foodies. With a menu boasting a plethora of traditional dishes given a modern twist, Ekte is redefining the brunch experience in London.

From their signature Swedish pancakes to the Ethical Butcher Koldtbord, every dish is a testament to the simplicity and richness of Nordic cuisine. And let's not forget the bottomless Prosecco and diverse array of Nordic cocktails that promise to tickle your taste buds and transport you straight to the fjords. So, if you're tired of the same old eggs benedict and avocado toast, Ekte’s delectable Nordic brunch is a gastronomic adventure you wouldn't want to miss.

Nordic Brunch in London: Savouring Saturdays at Ekte Nordic Kitchen

If you're someone who likes their Saturdays leisurely and their brunch flavorsome, Ekte Nordic Kitchen is your new go-to spot. A gem nestled in the heart of London, Ekte is redefining the city's brunch scene by infusing it with the cool, crisp tastes of Nordic cuisine.

Nordic Brunch in London

Think traditional dishes spun with a modern touch, served alongside bottomless Prosecco and a diverse range of Nordic cocktails. From the signature Swedish pancakes to the Ethical Butcher Koldtbord, every dish at Ekte promises to be an exploration of taste, texture, and tradition. So, trade in your usual eggs benedict for some Nordic delicacies, and we promise you'll be saying 'Tak' (that's 'Thanks' in Danish) to us later!

Ekte Nordic Kitchen: A Portal to Nordic Food Culture Right in the Heart of London

Unlimited Prosecco, a culinary journey to the North, and a unique, unforgettable ambiance - that's what a brunch at Ekte Nordic Kitchen promises. Nestled in the vibrant heart of London, Ekte is making waves in the brunch scene by bringing the cool, crisp flavors of Nordic cuisine to your plate.

Each dish, from their signature Swedish pancakes to the Ethical Butcher Koldtbord, is an exploration of taste, texture, and tradition, offering a refreshing change from the usual eggs benedict and avocado toast. The star of the show? Unlimited Prosecco, accompanying your meal and adding that extra bit of sparkle to your Saturday. So, next time you’re thinking of brunch, think Ekte, think Prosecco, think a one-way ticket to a Nordic gastronomic adventure. Trust us, you'll be thanking us later. Skål!

Your Wine List Guide to a Nordic Brunch at Ekte Kitchen

Welcome to a Nordic brunch at Ekte Kitchen! Here, wine isn't just a beverage; it's a companion to your food, enhancing the flavors and adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your experience.

Start with the crisp and lively tones of our house white - a bottle of Dandelion Vineyards' Riesling. This vibrant, citrusy wine is the perfect partner to our selection of smørrebrød, enhancing the freshness of the toppings and cutting through the richness of the rye bread.

For lovers of red, our recommendation is the bold Errazuriz Max Reserva Carmenere. With its dark, spicy notes, it pairs brilliantly with our hearty Ethical Butcher Koldtbord. The wine's robust flavor profile stands up to the rich, smoky meats and elevates the overall dining experience.

Nordic Brunch in London

And, of course, our bottomless Prosecco is always an option for those who prefer their brunch with a side of bubbles. This Italian classic, with its light, fruity notes, is a versatile choice that works well with everything on our menu, from our signature Swedish pancakes to our savory dishes.

So there you have it - your guide to navigating Ekte Kitchen's wine list at our Nordic brunch. We can't wait to serve you the best of the North (and our cellar) next Saturday. Skål!

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